Success Principle #1: Just Show Up!


Have you ever feel that moment in your life where failures were really screwing you up?

That you thought, being in a successful spot, whether in career or business, is NOT really for you?

Are you still afraid to go beyond your limit and be on that success spot you actually deserve but you end up going to the wrong places instead?

Man, you’re not alone.

A lot of people are still hiding in their rooms, locking themselves up and pretending that they don’t simply exist. Not literally that kind of situation, but you get the point.

They are champions in their own stories, but they’re too distracted and not confident to accept it. They have that big idea that can change how everything moves. They are capable of doing things that can benefit other people. They’ve got something that no one can ever has.

But they’re afraid to show up. Sadly, they don’t know what they would get once they decide to express their minds to the world.

I hope while you’re reading this first success principle, you’ll know how to express what’s in your mind and don’t just think that you’re a loser. Because in the first place, there’s no such thing as a loser person. We are all champions and winners in our own way

Think Big

One thing that pulling us away from success is we always think of ourselves and our capabilities very small. Somehow, we don’t want to think beyond our boxes because we’re afraid on things that we might discover furthermore and as a result, we tend to stay in our comfort places instead of battling the field of reality.

And if you think that way, buddy. Time for a change

Just imagine the reward. Just imagine the better things that you’ll discover when you think bigger than what you are right now. Imagine the things you can do and the lessons you’ll learn. Imagine the things and changes you can make when you explore your mind and thought beyond your curiosity.

Believe in your Ideas

Just what I’ve said, you have an incredible idea that can help other people and can bring change. You know it yourself if you already discovered that thing or not, because the purpose of your life lies on the ideas that only YOU can carry out.

But the problem is, we don’t believe that much to our ideas or opinions because we think that our ideas are just plain simple, nothing special. That surely, it would not stand out among the crowd or it is just a typical crappy idea from an ordinary person.

Man, you’re a champion. You need to know that you’re winner. And every champions have victories. And every victories start from a great idea, and that idea will bring you to success.

Don’t mind what other people might say. It’s your life. Move according to your will, believe in your ideas and just take actions whatever it takes.

Believe In your Self

It is just the same when you believe with your own ideas, you also need to believe in yourself. Because having faith with your ideas is useless if you don’t have faith with yourself.

You need to keep it balance. Boost your self-confidence by saying uplifting things about yourself every morning (Make it a part of your daily routine) and always say your goals out loud. Trust me. It’s amazingly effective.

It always helps especially if you have a long journey, when you feel like burning out, believing in yourself is the key to keep your boat sailing and to stay in your track.

Now, Take the Step

It’s your turn, start taking the steps little by little toward success. Every small steps matter so don’t mind hitting the blocks.

Sure enough, you’ll learn more as you go so enjoy.

Just step up through your way up to success and don’t be afraid about the things you’ll see ahead. As long as you know from yourself that you’re on the right track, just keep on going.

How about you? Do you have something to share?

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