Social Media Mistakes That Hurting Your Real Estate Business (Part 1)

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So you use social media to promote your real estate business and then eventually, get more leads from it?

Of course you do, right?

But we can’t surely ignore that sometimes we’re doing it wrong. Ok, that’s the harsh truth.

Somehow and someway, we’re hitting some of the common mistakes that killing our marketing plan and our brand along the way, whenever we opt to promote our stuffs to different social media platforms we are using.

So what are these mistakes and how to screw them up?

That’s enough, let’s get to the juice.

Over-promoting your business

When you observe how real estate agents or licensed realtors use social media to promote their businesses, you’ll find out that some of them are relentlessly posting about their business stuffs, most of the time.

Let’s face it – it’s kinda annoying.

People don’t like to see so much promotions in their feeds especially if you’re just competing with other sponsored ads.

As a result, your impressions and response rate will drastically drop down which leads to a smaller size of audience and limited organic reach. That’s because your audience will start to ignore your thing, little by little, until you only get a fewer people in your tribe.

Having that said, people want useful information on their social media streams so promoting your business once or twice a day is enough, not every hour.

Show them that you’re a human too – and not a spammy robot (Strike 2: That’s a bit harsh, I know). Post or share something useful and if necessary, don’t hesitate to ask their opinions and be genuine enough to build relationships with them that leads to increasing engagement and credibility.

Begging people for likes or follows

Sometimes, number justifies your influence. The more people following you, whether influencers or not, the more authority you’ll look like.

Having a great number of followers and likes in all social media accounts is a great advantage because people will see that you have already established your brand and authority in Real Estate Business.

However, begging for likes or paying bucks to get more followers isn’t a great idea and it really doesn’t bring you any better.

Begging for likes and follows is like you’re desperate to get attention from people and it will only reduce your professionalism and self-worth. As a result, people will be uncertain about you and you’ll be uncertain about yourself.

So just be contented with your followers. It’s better to have a small count of followers than to have a massive count of people who are not really worthy to be a part of your circle.

Let people follow you and be courageous enough to influence others in your own way so that you can attract valuable people.

Flooding profiles with crappy and unrelated posts

Ah, social networking sites. Of course.

You can share whatever the hell you want. From viral stuffs and videos, funny memes, cute and adorable kittens on YouTube, your views and opinions, politics and stuffs and so on and so forth.

Almost everything, right?

But however, there’s still a lot of people who post offensive, below-the-belt and unrelated stuffs on their timelines. Sometimes, they brag and argue about a particular thing that has nothing to do with their businesses (Strike 3: That’s a bit harsh.. Again).

That said, you must reduce posting crappy and irrelevant posts and avoid unnecessary images, videos or texts in your posts especially if you want to get more engagement.

If you want to grow your culture and expand your audience in social media that can give you a ton of followers and potential clients for your real estate business or any kind of business you’re doing, you need to make sure that what you share can benefit the people and not just because you like posting it.

To be honest, I don’t really like those posts that can waste my time. I’m sorry. But rather, I’m into posts that can give me value and quality information relevant to Real Estate or running up a business etc.

So let your profile shine and get more engagements by posting helpful and relevant posts to your social media accounts and feeds. Funny stuffs are good, but always make sure that you’re posting anything on the right time and on the right mood.

Not using visual presentations

80% of people in social media sites likes visual presentations – I like it too. It gives color to your posts, really.

In fact, some people are more likely to click on a link that has an image or video or even an infographic in it compare to a single text post.

Whoa there! But I’m not against a text post, it’s still effective especially if your words are powerful enough to get people’s attention and engagement like celebrities or preachers or influencers.

But the great advantage of using a graphic or visual presentations is it helps you to get a higher click-through rate directly to your sales pages, web copy or any content you’re promoting.

If you’re marketing your website, you’ll highly likely to get a ton of eyeballs dropping off in your site if you will broadcast your posts using a catchy image or thumbnails. You can also get more people to like and share your social media post if you have a video or high quality images as featured graphics like image quotes, random photographs etc.

Not making and sharing original and fresh content

Do you share content that aren’t yours?

No problem, no worries.

As long as it’s helpful to your audience and relevant to your business, go ahead, continue sharing.

However, as time goes by, you must accept that you need to step up and produce more unique and original content made by yourself so that you’re not directing your followers away from your brand.

Let them recognize you through your style and identity and let them know the whole you. It is synonymous of being transparent when it comes to any kind of business.

So for that, try writing new articles for your blog regularly and share it more often through your social media accounts, make your own channel for podcasts or interviews you’re doing, and slowly develop your own remarkable style and identity that people will surely love.

Posting false and superlatives information/testimonies

Of course, having testimonies from a lot of people, especially those positive feedbacks, can help you leverage your business and get qualified leads easily.

But somehow, we tend to abuse it. We can post social proofs that are not really happened to and said by that certain person or client. We can claim something that haven’t done yet so that we can attract potential people more easier.

Sounds easy right?

How about the consequences? There you go. It doesn’t really affect your future clients that much because they won’t notice if your social proof really is fake or not, but it can affect your company and yourself.

When you post superlatives and false testimonies and information about your company, that only means you don’t believe in your business that much, you don’t believe in your self-worth and you don’t have enough confidence to win people’s words.

If you’re just starting up in real estate business and doesn’t have any testimonials yet, you can get one by doing free service to your client or just simply deliver your presentations very well.

Not engaging with audience

Are you responding regularly when someone drops off a comment in your post or profile? Do you even responding to people who are messaging you and saying their praise?

Keep in mind that in a simple response and engagement to your audience, creates an authentic relationship between you and to the people who are already following you. They’ll see you as a friendly and approachable person.

As a result, your brand will leave a mark to their heads and can help you with word of mouth promotion. That’s a win-win situation indeed because you’re most likely to extend your network to them and attract those qualified leads on their circles.

So that’s it! That’s the part 1 of our social media mistakes that hurting your real estate business. I’ll be posting the part 2 in just a moment.

Do you have something to add on this list?

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