The One Thing I Do Everytime I Meet And Hire Someone


Today, I have a meeting with someone in a one of kind restaurant somewhere in our place. From there, I’ve met this waiter who is absolutely not only the friendliest but one of the most attentive waiter I’ve met so far.

He was always coming to our table for a minimum of 5 times every single time just to make sure if we were ok. I seriously do not believe I have ever had a waiter come to my table that many times. Seriously, no kidding.

He was so attentive and skillful and he has a very keen eye to customer’s needs and wants and he has also a very smooth service delivery. He’s awesome, indeed. He’s better in the real estate business, right? Agree?

Furthermore, when I got paid the bill with my check, I finally asked him if he was looking for a work, presumably in Real Estate.  Surprisingly, he said he was (though I didn’t tell him yet that he should already quit his job. Maybe he can do that on the other day, because their office was probably closed now.) and of course, I got his information which what really matters.

I would definitely give him a call and I’m  looking forward to see him being amazing in showing homes and being attentive to client needs because he’s very good on it.

No matter where I am, what I do on a particular event or place or whom I met for, I’m always cresting relationships and trying to figure out myself if this person I met could ever become an employee or not based on his skills, talents and attitude.

Eventually I am always looking for talent.

If you ever want to hire a very good person for your team, project or business, why go and look in classifieds when you have the real person in front of you?

Sometimes, the real people who can give success in your business are already there but you can rarely see them because they don’t know perhaps, if how they can contribute to your project. So you don’t need to qualify everyone, you need to tell people what you want and what you need to carry out fruitful results in your project.

For example, if you need someone who’s able to become an appointment setter in your real estate business, you only have to do is to know where he or she is good at, and ask how they can use her/his shill sets to carry out results that you’re looking for.

You don’t need to get fancy when picking the right employee or worker and have a long interview. In my opinion, looking for a person’s talent is enough to carry out small tasks for your project.

So yes,  that one thing I always do every time I meet and hire someone is I am always on the search for talent. How about you?

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