Level Up Your Work: Speed Of Implementation

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The defining factor between those people that were successful on their businesses and fields and those that were not, is their ability to implement things as fast as they could right after ideas start to pop up in their minds

They relentlessly work and take significant actions for something that can give them value and success as a result, and they don’t either want to spend their time procrastinating and staying on their comfort zones.

A person with a speed of implementation wants to carry out results as soon as possible, because for him, the ongoing process itself and taking an action are more important than waiting for a perfect time to execute his precious ideas into something fruitful. He always thinks that time is always running out.

People are always learning great stuffs and getting great ideas along their way up to success and they are able to see what they want to accomplish in a long run, but the problem is, they don’t take any consideration to do meaningful things about it.

We all know that taking action creates success. So as I later discuss, it is continued action that brings real and continuous success.

Now let’s talk about how to have an ability to implement things as fast as what other successful people often do.


1. Do it right away as soon as you have the idea

Most people wait too long and only give themselves enough time to talk themselves out. They want to validate if their ideas will work out so they want to call out a meeting first and then talk about that idea.

If you have ideas, swiftly take your step up to the next phase. Don’t wait for approval, because the idea is all yours, so work accordingly and plan every step of the way.

Yes, you presumably need second thoughts and opinions about your ideas or plans from other people, but don’t take it too fancy and long. You don’t need arguments and debate by the way, you need actions.


2. Do some of the work, don’t wait for perfect conditions.

When you have fresh ideas popping up in your head, work it out little by little.

Write it down in a piece of paper when you’re out or with your notes so you can do some of the work. Most people say: “I will start when project or idea XYZ is already completed. I have to leave this idea for a moment.”

Listen – ideas will come and go. If you have a busy workplace or hassle work hours, you probably need to jot down every ideas you might think. Then gradually take a significant action in regard of this, even in small act.

For example, this article is being written on my smartphone at 4AM on a bus somewhere in a village in India. I have the idea to write an article about “Speed of Implementation”, so in order to continuously work out this idea, I made a decision to do some of the work. Now, it is finished.


3. Do not stop trying until the work is completed

Speed of implementation requires short time to do some of the massive work. So there’s a chance that your ideas may fail or don’t work as what you’ve expected.

No worries on that part. That’s already given.

When your ideas won’t work out and your plan fails, that doesn’t mean speed of implementation is not that effective to you. That only means that you need to work out your ideas more, and you shouldn’t quit.

You need to find a backup for your ideas so it might continue working. However, if your ideas won’t work for too long, presumably you need to step back, see the whole picture and evaluate the whole process.



Speed of implementation is important when it comes to achieving success. It helps you to make quick decisions that need quick response and to do some action for your ideas quickly.

If you want to carry out results immediately right after you bring up an idea to do something, having a desire to carry out results will give you a more productive work and eventually, a more successful one.

Tell me: Are you doing speed of implementation?

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