Introduction To Lead Generation: A Handy Guide For Real Estate Agents

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Doesn’t matter if you’re already an expert realtor, beginning agent, consultant, financial adviser, business owner or entrepreneur who runs a small business, we all know that getting potential clients, online or offline, means you’re almost always going to make more closed deals and sales for your company or agency.

Sure enough, you’ve already heard the concept of Lead Generation before as it becomes an essential part of any marketing strategy today and drastically changing the way we market our businesses.

It’s helping every businesses to become more profitable by attracting potential customers and clients from the market by using different ways of capturing the attention of people and easily build relationships with them.

In real estate industry and as a licensed real estate agent, having enough knowledge about lead generation is like putting yourself on edge of continuous cash flow and greater advantage.

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Wait.. What the heck is Lead Generation?

Whenever you go to an event, seminar or conference and you’ve got to meet new people there and get their information briefly, you’re already generating leads.

Whenever there is a new sign up for your newsletter or subscription form inside your blog or website, you’re already generating leads for your business and you’re probably on the right track of getting potential people.

Lead Generation is a process by which a company finds prospective customers for its product offering or prospective clients for a certain kind of service. According to Marketo, it describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing the interest of people in a product or service for developing sales pipeline.

Generating qualified leads for you real estate business is probably the first step of making closed deals and achieving more sales. It has a vital role to automate the process of having a continuous stream of profits using referrals and promotions.

So, why it is so valuable for your Real Estate Business?

Here’s the not-so-hard truth: People’s buying process has changed. Due to unstoppable rising of technology, information scarcity, noisy web and the powerful advantage of the internet, the way they look around and find for a product or service for their needs is changing compared to magazines and newspaper listings.

Buyers can do their own research online and they can find a variety of educational resources through search engines, social media, and other online channels.

They can easily access everything themselves and if you’re not taking an action to improve your marketing strategy through lead generation, you might be out of stream. That’s harsh, I know.

You need to find new ways to reach home and property buyers and get heard through the noise of thousand realtors out there. It is undoubtedly essential to know at least the basics of Lead Generation for your real estate career so you can maximize the resources that you have right now.

Other reasons are:

  • It is an advantage to maximize your online advertisements so you can get better ROI through your ad campaigns and other inbound marketing channels that you have.
  • It will help you meet new influencers and eventually ask them for ethical exposure.
  • It will help you extend your brand to more people through social media and network yourself through forums and communities where you can build authority.
  • Lastly and of course, it will help you make more money for your business when you smoothly converted all your quality leads to paying customers.

Through this guide, we will show you how you can promote your brand to a massive count of people that build your business and exceptionally succeed in real estate industry.

Teach me how to Generate Leads

Let’s dig deeper – don’t worry, you won’t get dirty here. I swear.

So there are 2 ways to generate leads, whether online or offline – and we will tackle it briefly. These are:

1. Advertisements

When you use ads to your real estate business, promoting yourself or your agency, one of the ways on generating leads for your business is through paid or free advertisements.

We will talk much of it later, but for the sneak peek, increasing your digital presence using free or paid advertisement helps you to market your business to a wide size of audience generally.

Your prospective client will see your brand randomly while they’re browsing the internet and a great chance for you to easily get them especially if you will take your edge using these ways on getting qualified leads that are listed below.


The most basic way of getting started on generating leads online is to create your own website. We’re somehow certain that 80% of you have already established a website and already getting fair count of traffic.

The good thing about creating a website is it helps your prospect know what you are offering or what your product is in just a click away using a portfolio or service page, without any tangible materials needed.

Creating a website opens up a floodgate to more opportunities where you can promote everything you’ve got.

In making real estate leads, it is important to have a well-structured website that covers your overall service information, benefits and features so that you can get more potential clients calling you ahead of time.


Ah, blogs! A timeless tool for reaching and making sale online.

If you haven’t created a blog for your real estate business just yet, it’s never too late. Building relationships with people is inevitably important and communicating with them through publishing valuable content inside your website helps you to pull out qualified leads.

By using WordPress or any other kind of publishing platforms, you can easily get leads from your blog through sign up forms, call to action elements and/or landing pages.

Social Media

Social media marketing is an effective way of promoting your real estate business to a wide size of people who are already following you and to those people who will be. Since the tech and social networking sites are rapidly growing and millions of people are now tapping into their mobile devices, it’s a great advantage to dominate your preferred platforms and get people’s attention.

Paid Advertising

In generating leads online, you couldn’t missed out using paid advertising like search engine marketing, basic listings, pay-per-click and other marketing strategies that will help you get more of the right kind buyers. Later on, we will discuss a more comprehensive guide of using paid and free advertising for your business using Craigslist, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords and so on.

Forums and Community

When you go around and hangout with people who share the same interest just as you, dropping by in forum sites is another way of networking yourself to people.

Forums will help you learn more from your field and industry as you keep in touch with other realtors and influencers in Real Estate.

Leaving comments and opinions in community also gives you a way to communicate with other people as well as people who may want your help in finding and deciding about home buying.

Later on, we will walk through the other ways to generate leads online for your real estate business, but for now let’s continue walking and know the basic part of lead generation before we go deeper.

2. Targeted

Aside of using advertisements, the other way to generate leads is through targeted marketing strategy.

It involves using a more specific list of people who you want to become your prospect in you real estate or buying homes. Examples are going to an sponsored event or important places to introduce yourself to a specific person or influencers you want to purposefully meet.

You already know the prospect, her interests, profession, income and other brief information about her and you already know how to turn the table and close the deal.

It’s all up to you..

As we go along in this free guide, though we’re just warming up, you’ll learn more the easy and simple ways of generating leads online.

But keep in mind that it’s all up to you and how you do your business. We won’t assure that these ways we’re going to teach you will take effect in your business exactly as we are, because you can’t really apply these ways all at once. But focusing yourself on 2 or 3 ways on generating leads and as time goes by, you can already get started.

We will write in this real estate leads generation guide for beginners up to professionals, pick up what benefits you as we will share everything we’ve got just for you to succeed in getting the right kind of clients for your real estate business.

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