How To Use Starbucks System In Your Real Estate Agent Business


Admit it or not, sometimes we may feel that being systematized is a hard thing to do. Systematization actually means you organize your day and your actions towards a specific and important event, project or work so you can produce fruitful results in the end.

Recently, I discovered this effective system from Starbucks and it taught me how you can systematize your task so you can get it done easily and on time. Anyone can do this simple and easy system and it’s just another piece of cake when it comes to boosting up your productivity.

So what’s that system? Let’s take a look at it.

  1. You order a drink and then you pay for it.
  2. You write the name of the person, of course that’s you, on the side of the cup.
  3. You either walk over to the machines to fill the drink or put the cup on the counter.
  4. You read what’s written on the cup and fill it with the contents.
  5. Put the drink on the counter so the customer can take it.

One of the issues that this system had is that they originally did not write the name, even though incorrectly spelled and someone else’s name.  Because they did not have a name on the cup it caused people to take the wrong cup and some  people didn’t get their drink.  This one mistake brought Starbucks into a million dollar spot.

As you can tell, the system is extremely simple and it works very well. It serves the benefits you want from a system – it is efficient which means it surprisingly reduces your time and mistakes.

So let’s go back to the question, how you can use this system as a Real Estate Agent?

Simple. You only need to create a 5 step system just like what Starbucks did.

For example, today you’ll have to onboard a client who wants to buy a house, so to have a smooth transaction, it’s the right time to make a 5 step system for this appointment.

So here’s what it looks like:

  1. Get them pre-approved over the phone earlier to coming in.
    2. Meet your client in the office.
    3. Find all their requirements and areas that they want to see.
    4. Pull houses that fit their criteria and create an auto search in the multiple listing service.
    5. Go and show homes to the client.

This is simple, repairable and easily done by anyone. It helps you to know what to do in a more detailed way just like ordering in Starbucks. It points out a clear picture of everything that you need to do in a specific time and day.

Practice it everyday. Spend 10 to 15 minutes and write out your systems for a particular event that needs greater attention.


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