How To Set Up Your Goal And Change The Amount Of Deals You Want


Are you satisfied with the amount from the deals you’re getting from your real estate business? Do you want to change it, level up your career and start making the amount of deals you really want and you undoubtedly deserve?

Since then, the largest question I’m always asking to myself is how can I gradually change the amount I’m earning in my businesses, meet my tangible goals and get what I truly deserve to have.

But it occurred to me that in order to make that happen, we should not only ask “how can I make it happen” but rather, “how badly do I really want it”.

If you’ll see, there’s a difference.

If you’ll just decide to make that happen, there’s a chance that you can’t carry out the results you’re expecting because you don’t have a strong “why”. But asking yourself, how badly do you want it to happen, you’re determined. You’re committed to make that happen whatever it takes. You have the inner drive that pushes you to your limit. When you have a strong “why”, you’re not staying in your comfort zone anymore but now in the state of your courage zone.

So in order to level up your income and achieve more, beyond your current state, you need to make a plan and be committed to do it badly enough to have a very rewarding outcome.

How to do it? How to burn your desire to make things happen?

It’s easy as 123.
1. Create a Vision Book. First, I put together the images of what I wanted exactly and put it next to my bed. Doing so will warm up your mind and soul whenever you wake up each morning.
It helps you to see the clear picture of your goal so that you can condition yourself throughout the day that leads to a better and productive work and actions. It raises up your momentum which can help you get important things done.
2. Create positive affirmations. We all do affirmations unknowingly even when we say we do not do them. Every time you say “Oh it will never work!” That is already an affirmation.
We are the only one who is responsible which messages to send to our subconscious mind. To keep up your willpower throughout the day and keep your goals in your mind, you should be careful about the messages you’re sending to your mind because it can affect how you carry out your actions.
Always manage you thoughts. Don’t let negativities surpass your ability to do things for good and do make a positive affirmations so that you can do things even if you don’t feel like doing it for a moment. It helps your mind to properly set up.
Every night I go through all the images of what I want on my vision book and it makes me so looking forward to doing everything I can to get there.  I then have created the affirmations such as “You can do anything you want to do” and “You are more powerful than you know, just make it happen.”
When things during the day do not go my way, I just remember my vision and use my affirmations.
How about you? How do your set your specific goals and make that happen? and what do you do to keep yourself going through the ups and downs of this business?

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