How To Plan Your Way To Success


One of the biggest mistake most startup businesses often do is the attitude of jumping up randomly into daily work without actual planning and just thinking that it would all just work out in the end.

Sometimes, we don’t really understand that we need to put in the time and energy into figuring out exactly what we will do before we begin something for our business.

That said, if you want to carry out fruitful results in your project or with your daily tasks that can benefit your team or your company, you need to plan out everything before taking massive action.

So how to plan your project effectively and successfully?

1. Create a plan in less than 15 minute

Pick an important task specifically, if you have many tasks that you need to be done, you need to prioritize each of them. When your plan fails, the biggest thing that one can never do is give up, henceforth, when this happens just make some sort of adjustments and then try again.

Don’t over think your planning, action is what makes your plan colorful and your plan will guide you to make your action productive and more meaningful.

2. Meet new people who can contribute to your success.

I always believe that the best thing one can do is to get out of their office and start to meet new people.  The more people you meet the more success you are going to have.

Sometimes, I will find people who say I do not have anyone to call.  Yes you can call expired, FSBOs and go door knocking.  You can also go to Broker Open’s in neighboring states and network with other agents that can send you referrals.

3. Test out new plan and ideas.

The truth is, it’s somehow hard for us to execute and carry out our ideas. Sometimes we’re making excuses not to deliver our ideas into reality because we’re waiting for the perfect time to do those and likewise, we might feel that we need other people’s opinions and depend our decisions to them.

When ideas eventually pop up in your mind and you know that it can benefit you and the others, put it swiftly in your action-based plan.

Don’t bother your ideas because it can affect how you do things, how you carry out results and how it can impact your growth.

4. Start small. Do small.

For some instances, we’re doing a big break and we’re pretty keen to carry out big tasks that can bear upon our team or company. But the truth is, you’ll not going to finish your task or project if you’re always do it once at a time.

It will interrupt your focus and you might not carry out significant results in the end when you don’t do things little by little.

When starting, it’s hard to execute where to start first but keep in mind that you could not make any changes if you’ll not start. Start small and you’ll see, little by little, you’re now slowly bringing yourself into your success spot.

In the end, planning your way up to success is not easy but not that hard. It’s a matter of your decisions, ideas and how you start those with discipline, courage and persistence. Remember that the one thing that make you stand out is how you see things in positive perspective so always do your tasks smoothly and make any changes little by little.

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