How To Get Your Real Estate License in Maryland

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Meet Danny.

Danny is from the state of Maryland. He has an old friend named Ian. Ian is a licensed realtor who works in the industry for almost 2 years and he’s now starting to build his way up to a 6-figure income real estate business for the upcoming years.

Danny’s always borrowing money to Ian for his leisure but Ian finally refused and said: “Nah. I earned this money from years of hard work my friend. You should earn it too..”

Because Danny has no stable job and no continuous stream of income, he decided to start his career on Real Estate then get his license and begin his journey to a profitable 6-figure business just like Ian. He told Ian about it and asked if he could help him to get a license in their state and complete the requirements he needed.

But the problem is, Danny can’t afford to enroll on an expensive Real Estate School or even in a Real Estate Online Course that would be able to give him every jumpstart resources and help him build his own brand and business.

Ian just said, “Cheer up! When I was starting just like you, I have a pretty hard time to find the right real estate broker here in Maryland that can give me every useful resources to get started and build a profitable business. But there’s a kick ass program that I’ve enrolled here, and they’re willing to give you a fast and comprehensive training and licensure examinations without hassle and without pulling out huge amount of money from your pocket.”

Danny’s face shine brighter, “Really? Can you take me to that program?”


Maryland MD Pre-Licensing Comprehensive Program

Want to know how to build a profitable 6-figure real estate business? Do you want to get your license faster and hassle-free?

You’re in the right place!

We provide comprehensive Real Estate online courses, 60 hour state-required in-classroom training and guides on how to easily pass the licensure examination  in the state of Maryland.

Here’s a “sneak peek” on what you’ll get from the entire course:

  • Entire 60 hour state required Real Estate Agent pre-licensing course approved by the Maryland Real Estate Commission & Maryland Higher Education Commission.
  • Exact step-by-step system from the top 30 Real Estate Agents in US who I have a privileged to interview with.
  • Ultimate Lead Generation and 30 Day Business Plan Video Course
  • Advanced resources including the study of Psychology of Buyer and Seller, Exceptional Negotiating, Writing Offers, Branding, Niche Marketing, Cutting Down Time and Showing Homes to sell and so much more.
  • Licensure Examination (and how to easily pass it)
  • Includes bonuses such as Online Real Estate licensing Video Training (valued $400), Study Guides (valued $100), LIVE Real Estate Tele-seminars and Q&A (valued $200), Instructor Notes and Facebook Closed Group.
  • Copy of the Soon To Be Released “The Critical Factor: What Determine’s a Real Estate Agent’s Success” ($60 Value)
  • And so much more!

Make your mama proud and start your journey to a successful 6-figure income business because the entire program is only $350.

“Wait what?” Danny dropped his jaws from what he has seen recently as he asked this man named, Prabhjit Singh, the CEO and the main instructor for the course. Prabhjit is one of the most sought after trainer and speaker when it comes to Real Estate Industry and he’s also a motivational speaker that shares stages with Michael Eisner, Randi Zuckerberg, Jack Welch, Michael Irvin, Nido Qubein, Eric Trump, Donna Karen, and Kathy Ireland.

Oh, don’t forget he’s also a friend of Oprah.

And here, see what other people say about the program:

It is an excellent program because it is not only provides you with all that is necessary in the prelicensing course to successfully pass the course, but to also successfully pass the state licensing exam.

– Debra J. Brown


This is much more than a 60 hour course.  Webinars, business starting webinars after completion of the course.  Teleconferences before the final exam to answer questions.  I highly recommend this program.

– Mark D. Windsor


Well designed professional education program which teaches needed concepts in a practical and accessible manner.

– Shawn Cartwright


The course was very comprehensive.  The instructors were very knowledgeable and were able to provide real life examples to help you better understand the material needed for the MD real estate salesperson exam.  Also, a lot of extra material was provided to help you better study and know the material for the exam.

-Duane White


The real estate license training was really good where he gave all the tools to get through it.  I strongly recommend this for all future students.

-Arif Malik


I found the program is extremely informative and it will definately help in going through my PSI examination.  I recommend that all individuals appearing for the PSI examination should attend this program

-Srikanta Gangopathyay



  • Enrollees must be 18 Years Old & Above
  • No Criminal Records
  • Official Transcript of High School Diploma/GED or University/College Degree


You ready?

Take off now! Build your business and start your journey to a 6 figure income and achieve financial freedom in an awesome way. Just click here or the button below to see how you can get started.


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