How To Cope With Your Fear and Punch It Away


I know, right from here my friend, you’re afraid, you feel scared or frightened or freaked out to something that’s going on with your life right now.

We have different fears in life that unconsciously screwing up our minds, delaying our actions, and slowly draining our energy and productivity which is crucial if we have some important things need to be done.

Being in the zone of fear always happen without you noticing it. Some of us are afraid to finish our projects, we’re afraid that no one will appreciate our work, we’re scared to execute our ideas because it might end-up a failure, we’re afraid to lose something valuable to us and so on and so forth.

Fear is therefore one of the biggest barrier and obstacle that hindering us to achieve our goals and what we want in our life including success.

So for today, let’s walk through these 3 simple ways on how to manage our fears and punch it away.


1. Keep everything calm and peaceful.

First and foremost, before anything else and before you set yourself free from terrible and terrific situation, you need to keep calm yourself down and breath peacefully. Being calm when fear eventually show up helps you to assess everything and keep your focus on sight.

Find a peaceful place, if necessary, and take a time to keep yourself away from crowded area or some places that bring you unwanted pressure and anxiety or anywhere that rises your sense of fear. Find someone who you can talk to and tell him/her what’s going on with you right now.

Rest your mind from thinking and imagining things and just meditate. Practice it whenever you’re facing some unpleasant emotion caused by fear.


2. Identify your Fear

You couldn’t reduce your fear if you don’t know particularly what fears you.

So firstly, list down what things you’re afraid of and you should reveal it with your self. It’s just like a life-sucking insect that bugging your life and in order to reduce them you need to show them off and recognize that fear exists in you.

Assess yourself:

  • Do you have any fear you are facing right now?
  • Are you afraid of failure?
  • Are you afraid of criticism?
  • Are you afraid of what others might say to you if you do that thing?

Write down everything so you can admit that you are afraid of it and not just denying it.

For example: “I am afraid of people saying their criticism about my project because it merely points out my mistakes and I don’t wanna hear my mistakes either”

The purpose of defining what your fear is to reveal and introduce the root of the problem to yourself and to let you know what’s bugging your productivity.


3. Speak with your fears

So now you have already revealed those fears in you. The next thing you have to do is to speak with them.

I know, it sounds weird.

But when you have fear, it effortlessly strikes your inner self and our inner self is responsible for our decisions – that’s why it is the hard thing to cope with. You’ll never know in advance when will it happen in the near future. It actually stabs you whenever you need some quick initiatives so make an argument with your inner self immediately.

With the help of your “Fear’s List” which you’ve just listed down earlier, you need to talk to yourself and clear out everything.

Enumerate them yourself and then gradually ask yourself a question in response of what you are afraid of.

With the example we have from #1, it goes like this, “I am afraid of people saying their criticism about my project because it merely points out my mistakes and I don’t wanna hear my mistakes either” so I asked myself a question and made an immediate response;

“On the other hand, those constructive criticism would help me become better every single day, because someone will told me what I am lacking right now and what should I need to improve. I would choose not to be offended especially if I’m doing the right thing. Hearing my mistakes will teach me, so why am I supposed to be afraid of it?”

Always keep in mind that every fear has a different side, that side places an opportunity to be brave enough to conquer a battlefield of any terrible situations. If you’ll choose to be strong enough to stand despite of unwanted fears that are keeping you down, you’ll se yourself become a better, smart and wise person everyday.


To sum it up, in order to get rid of what things you’re afraid of, you should recognize and accept first that fear exists in you. Invite your fears for a cup of coffee and make an argument with them.

After that, take a deep breathe and walk again through your life and way up to your success. There’s so much thing to explore and appreciate on this beautiful planet and don’t let your fears limit it.

Discover more, don’t be afraid to do things for good results.

Now tell me: What ways are you doing when you’re facing fear?

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