LGS #2: How To Generate Leads From Your Blog


Do you have a blog that exclusively intended for your Real Estate Business?

How about tweaking it and turning it into a continuous stream of leads and phone calls?

Sounds great, right?

On the previous part, we talked how to create an irresistible website for your real estate business and all simple tweaks we’ve been through to start generating leads from it.

We’ve also walked through basic and essential things to develop a simple website that gets results and now we’re moving on to our next short Lead Generation series topic.

Today, we will talk about getting potential clients, home buyers or sellers and qualified leads from your blog using our easy-to-do tweaks that had already helped many realtors and licensed real estate agents out there.

So let’s begin.

1. Create your own blog and focus on one topic

The first step is to set up your own blog using WordPress or any of your preferred platforms, but most probably, you’ll going to like WordPress so try to pick that one.

As what we have discussed on the earlier part of this series, you have to have a good domain name and you have to create necessary contents, complete the layout, design and everything and then get the site up.

After you fully set up your blog, time to start making a plan for its content and a very specific topic you want to cover. Breakdown your topic ideas from broad until you finally get into the main juice.

For example, if you’re a real estate broker and want to help out new licensed real estate agents, focus on helping them by providing knowledge and resources about the basics of real estate. If your goal is to generate sign ups to your courses, you need to stick with it and focus on your main goal and main topic.

Don’t publish content that is irrelevant, broad and doesn’t support your reader’s need. You should know who you are writing for, know his/her problem and eventually give them the solution by publishing blog posts focusing on fixing their dilemnas.

If you’re a realtor, and want to market yourself or your agency, you can attract potential home buyers or sellers straightaway from your blog if you’ll focus on providing topics related to your client’s problems. For example, you can bring out topics about house renovations, home buying tips, how to decide a property that best suits your client’s needs and so on and so forth.

2. Put an Opt-in form or Featured Box anywhere in your blog


Your blog surely has different areas to promote your call to action elements. You can put a simple form in your header (like the pic above) so that people can see your offers or features that can arouse their curiosity or desires right after they land on your website.

Likewise, when visitors browse your website content or a certain page, placing the forms in the footer is also an advantage. You can also put the form after every blog entries you write so that visitors can easily sign up after reading your particular blog post. You can also put the opt in form at your sidebar/s.

Place your CTA form anywhere you want inside your website/blog as long as it surely fits your blog’s purpose and layout where you can easily capture people’s attention.

3. Regularly publish quality and free content

By creating quality but free and helpful content, you’re already setting up a lead magnet inside your blog. People like free stuffs and those that can give them valuable and helpful information, it might be knowledge or resources.

That being said, when it comes to generating leads from your blog, you need to prioritize every content you’ll going to make and how often will you write for your audience.

Create your content plan, set up your objectives or your conversion goals for every post you’ll write so that your visitors will do some specific actions like subscribing to your blog, setting appointments or purchasing your services or products.

Writing your blog posts is the heart of your blog. Without it, you can never win potential clients because it is the only way for you to communicate with them.

So continue producing fruitful and free stuffs in your blog so that you can engage more people and eventually, pull out the right one who will be your client and qualified lead.

4. Use sticky bar

Capture leads using a sticky bar in your blog. If you’ll see, there are so many blogs and websites out there that are using this kind of strategy to capture people’s attention, in a very polite way.

This sticky bar placed on the upper part of your blog will help you get the attention of readers or visitors and take a moment to read your call to action.

So to get started, use a service like Hello Bar or SumoMe and install the bar in your blog/site. Create an irresistible, relevant, simple and straightforward call to action and copy so visitors will swiftly know what’s your best shot that entices them.

5. Use pop ups

Presumably not an option that you would like but pop ups are not just for online marketers anymore. A lot of businesses are now using it and let’s face it, it’s freaking effective.

When done right, you can easily draw more attention to your call to action, as a result, people will focus themselves reading your offer even in just a second.

You can use free service for your pop-up forms like Bounce Exchange or Optin Monster and get it live by setting up your call to action.

6. Engage with your audience

Be sure you’re on the blog. Reply on comments, show up and follow-up your audience questions or concerns. If there’s a violent reactions or suggestions, then make a quick initiative to communicate with particular people around your community.

Make sure your blog represents the whole you and your business. Let them know and familiarize your identity, style, writing voice and uniqueness so you can get more people follow you and finally build your authority in your niche, online.

It will help you create authentic brand for yourself and build lasting relationships with people who are following your blog. Keep in mind, when they see goodness and benefits in your blog, your audience will start to spread the word for you and finally meet your goal; to generate prospects and leads from your blog.

And lastly, just enjoy writing content for your audience. If you are not enjoying it, chances are, you won’t be interested and keen on publishing content for them and end up not hitting your goal.

Be authentic and real, say what you can do to help them and say what you can’t. Let them know you genuinely and don’t forget to build relationships with them.

Wrap up

So that’s it.. The second part of our Lead Generation Series. As for my conclusion, creating a website and putting up a blog in it is pretty easy and vital. You just need to set up your own brand, specific topic and name and publish free and quality content regularly.

Use tools for your pop-up forms and opt in offers so you can get people sign up in your blog, drive them into your call to action so they can put in their emails or some important personal information.

Make your wholeness shine upon your blog. Become more genuine and authentic with your audience and just show them the solutions to their problems.

How about you? How do you get leads from your blog?

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