What I’ve Learned From Starting Up a Brand New Business


It’s been a long and fruitful journey since I’ve started up various projects and new business and of course just as you, I’ve learned so much things along the way.

I had a lot of setbacks, a lot of failures, a lot of mistakes not just in terms of made decisions but every actions I took that lead to miserable situations.

Furthermore, I’ve worked with awesome and fun people who share the same interest and as passionate as I am. And I also hired the wrong people multiple times.

I’ve got a lot of rejections and I realized that you have to climb a hill before people get to know and trust you. You can’t win clients in just a blink of an eye or just a single negotiations, but you need to influence them so they can keep in touch with your business.

So what are the important things that I’ve learned so far from starting a new business?

1. I never give up.

No matter what will happen today or tomorrow, you must continue living out your dream, your goals and your purpose. You don’t need to give up just because you’ve been in hopeless or worst situations.

Just keep in mind that there are people who face the same problem as you.

If you have problems handling objections and you’re gaining a lot of setbacks, remember that all of these circumstances are normal and truly required to improve and prepare yourself for better things that will come.

2. I keep building authentic relationships

The thing is, when you work hard and work from your heart sincerely, you’ll see people starting to like you because being authentic with your work produces a lasting relationship with people who build your business.

I’ve learned the great value of real and genuine relationships with customers, clients and even co-workers or employees thus far.

Relationship is much more important than building a profitable career or business alone, you can’t earn profits if you’ll not first earn the trust from people that surround you.

3. I learn from my mistakes and make better ones

Don’t be afraid to do some mistakes everyday as long as you’re learning and you are not repeating the same mistakes all over again.

When you make mistakes, don’t blame yourself or other people, instead, carry out the lessons you’ve learned and then move onto what comes next.

Making mistakes is a process to success, so when you’re facing failures or mistakes, you’re on a right track because all successful people I know isn’t perfect, and they always turn their mistakes to make better and wise decisions that help them grow every single day.

4. I meditate regularly

Having a peaceful mind allows you to focus on yourself by always trusting and making decisions from your gut instinct.

Because of a busy workplace, noisy web and pressure tasks, we often forget about ourselves. We often ignore our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health that drains our productivity little by little.

Meditating helps us to relax and calm ourselves, and allows us to know the objections of our minds instead of hearing people’s objections all the time. It allows you to have a time to listen to yourself and hear what your mind and soul are saying.

5. I only work with people who are positive, fun, and have the same intention as I do

As cheesy as it may sound but working with people who bring happiness and positivity to your business or project gives you a more productive outcome and more fruitful results.

The bottom line, starting up a brand new business and various projects is fun. You’ll definitely face so much roadblocks, failures, disappointments and mistakes along the way. Just keep the balance between different areas of your life, don’t give up and continue learning.

How about you? How’s your business going so far?

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