This Is How I Choose And Win Clients

When we first start in real estate agent business, we will literally serve and take anyone to make a deal with us as long as they are living and breathing and are saying that they’re interested to buy a house or property. Sometimes, we don’t think twice and hesitate to pick the right kind of clients or customers and we don’t take time to assess what they really need and what they’re looking for.

Then along the way, you’ll figure out that people sometimes lie and they do not really want to buy anything from us. They just want to take a look at homes and properties we’re selling and get something stuffs that might be useful to them. Worse of all, they want to look at homes that are WAY out of their price range. Ouch.

Eventually, you might probably think: Will I ever be able to sell a home?  Will I ever be able to make money in this business?

So one day, I somehow got a client, I listened to what I said, we moved forward and settled and I got PAID! It was like a dream coming true at that moment and I finally felt as though I could do something in my life.

I then went on to do so many more deals and I figured out what the common thread was that made the good clients different from the bad clients.  The ones I wanted referrals from and the ones I didn’t.  The ones that I felt I was losing my life and the ones I felt like I was having the best time in my life.

The secret was that the great clients were the ones who are nice.

That’s right! They were so nice.
So you may ask what does that mean?
When they’re nice with you, that only means they knew, liked and trusted you.
I had created relationships with them apart from the transaction and thus we had a really great time looking through and making decisions about which home to buy.
It was an AMAZING time!
Here’s how I did it.
1.  Always build authentic relationships with your clients by talking to them about their life, interests, passion, hobbies and the similarities between their life and our own. Centralize all things to their life and appreciate every little things they’ve got and accomplished.
2. Share vulnerable stories about yourself that you honestly wouldn’t share with the world. Because it helps them to feel comfortable working with you.
3.  Care about them every single time and help them solve every conflicts they have when deciding and buying properties to you. Be there when they need you and always keep in touch with them.
So next time you have a prospective client – give out everything about yourself and I am sure they will give anything they want to you.

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