LGS #2: How To Generate Leads From Your Blog

Do you have a blog that exclusively intended for your Real Estate Business? How about tweaking it and turning it into a continuous stream of leads and phone calls? Sounds great, right? On the previous part, we talked how to create an irresistible website for your real estate business and … [Read more...]

Success Principle #1: Just Show Up!

Have you ever feel that moment in your life where failures were really screwing you up? That you thought, being in a successful spot, whether in career or business, is NOT really for you? Are you still afraid to go beyond your limit and be on that success spot you actually deserve but you end … [Read more...]

This Is How I Choose And Win Clients

When we first start in real estate agent business, we will literally serve and take anyone to make a deal with us as long as they are living and breathing and are saying that they're interested to buy a house or property. Sometimes, we don't think twice and hesitate to pick the right kind of clients … [Read more...]

How To Plan Your Way To Success

One of the biggest mistake most startup businesses often do is the attitude of jumping up randomly into daily work without actual planning and just thinking that it would all just work out in the end. Sometimes, we don't really understand that we need to put in the time and energy into figuring … [Read more...]