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Table of Contents

1. How to get your home inspection license
◦ How to pass the first time
◦ How to prepare for the exam

2. How to get clients
◦ Realtor relationships
◦ Marketing online via Instagram and Facebook
◦ Google search
◦ Creating a YouTube channel to build a business

3. Finding a company to work for

4. How to start your own home inspection company
◦ How to get a logo and website created for your company
◦ How to hire staff
◦ How to hire other home inspectors
◦ How much should you charge,
◦ contracts with the client and with your home inspectors
◦ How to run the business
◦ How to get referral business
◦ How to get online reviews

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How to get your real estate license in Maryland

The first step to becoming a licensed real estate agent in the State of Maryland is to obtain a real estate salesperson license. In Maryland, these licenses are controlled by the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.

Requirements for a Maryland Real Estate License

The requirements for a real estate salesperson license in Maryland include being at least 18 years of age and of good character and reputation. Before taking the real estate exams the applicant needs to successfully complete 60-clock hours of approved real estate classroom instruction. This instruction shall include an approved 3-clock hour course in real estate ethics. In some cases the Commission will approve real estate subjects in any college as a substitute for some of the 60 hours. The applicant then needs to pass the real estate examinations. All applicants need to submit with their application a written commitment from a licensed real estate broker stating that the salesperson applicant will be affiliated with the broker after becoming licensed.

Applying for a Maryland Real Estate License

The first step in obtaining a Maryland Real Estate Salesperson license is to attend a 60 hour pre-licensing course. The course will teach you the topics that you will be tested on during the state exam. The Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation provides a list of approved education providers on their website. You will want to choose a provider that has a “Y” listed in the “Prelic” column of the table.

You will need to apply with the state to obtain a real estate salesperson license. The current fee for new licensees is $110. You will need to contact the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation to get a Registration Number to complete your application. The Department can be reached at (410) 230-6230, Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm. Once you’ve obtained your registration number, you can complete your application online through the Department’s website.

Maryland Real Estate License Exam

The real estate license exam consists of two parts–a national and a state portion. Both sections must be passed with at least 70% of the questions correct. If you only pass one section, you will not have to pass it again for up to a year. You will only need to pass the section that you did not successfully complete on your next attempt.

Testing is conducted by PSI Examination Services. PSI has locations in Baltimore, College Park, Crofton, Hagerstown, Lanham and Salisbury. You will need to schedule an appointment with PSI to take your exam. The exam lasts two hours and is taken on a computer.

Some of the Maryland real estate forms and fees are available online, and some need to be obtained directly from the Real Estate Commission.

The approved Real Estate Schools for both prelicensure and continuing education are available on line. Prelicense courses need to be in the classroom; however, continuing education courses may also be distance learning. At least one 3-clock hour ethics course that includes the Maryland Code of Ethics must be taken every two years by all agents.

All agent licenses are renewed every two years and between 6 and 15 clock hours of specific continuing education courses are required in order to renew the licenses, depending on how long one has been licensed and when the license expires. Continuing education courses completed in another state may qualify if they meet Maryland’s standards.

The Maryland fees are $210 for an original broker license and $190 for the broker renewal license. The original associate broker license is $150 and the renewal associate broker license is $130. The original salesperson license is $110 and the salesperson renewal license is $90.

For a free checklist on how to make six figures in the first 18 months after getting your license REGISTER HERE

LGS #2: How To Generate Leads From Your Blog


Do you have a blog that exclusively intended for your Real Estate Business?

How about tweaking it and turning it into a continuous stream of leads and phone calls?

Sounds great, right?

On the previous part, we talked how to create an irresistible website for your real estate business and all simple tweaks we’ve been through to start generating leads from it.

We’ve also walked through basic and essential things to develop a simple website that gets results and now we’re moving on to our next short Lead Generation series topic.

Today, we will talk about getting potential clients, home buyers or sellers and qualified leads from your blog using our easy-to-do tweaks that had already helped many realtors and licensed real estate agents out there.

So let’s begin.

1. Create your own blog and focus on one topic

The first step is to set up your own blog using WordPress or any of your preferred platforms, but most probably, you’ll going to like WordPress so try to pick that one.

As what we have discussed on the earlier part of this series, you have to have a good domain name and you have to create necessary contents, complete the layout, design and everything and then get the site up.

After you fully set up your blog, time to start making a plan for its content and a very specific topic you want to cover. Breakdown your topic ideas from broad until you finally get into the main juice.

For example, if you’re a real estate broker and want to help out new licensed real estate agents, focus on helping them by providing knowledge and resources about the basics of real estate. If your goal is to generate sign ups to your courses, you need to stick with it and focus on your main goal and main topic.

Don’t publish content that is irrelevant, broad and doesn’t support your reader’s need. You should know who you are writing for, know his/her problem and eventually give them the solution by publishing blog posts focusing on fixing their dilemnas.

If you’re a realtor, and want to market yourself or your agency, you can attract potential home buyers or sellers straightaway from your blog if you’ll focus on providing topics related to your client’s problems. For example, you can bring out topics about house renovations, home buying tips, how to decide a property that best suits your client’s needs and so on and so forth.

2. Put an Opt-in form or Featured Box anywhere in your blog


Your blog surely has different areas to promote your call to action elements. You can put a simple form in your header (like the pic above) so that people can see your offers or features that can arouse their curiosity or desires right after they land on your website.

Likewise, when visitors browse your website content or a certain page, placing the forms in the footer is also an advantage. You can also put the form after every blog entries you write so that visitors can easily sign up after reading your particular blog post. You can also put the opt in form at your sidebar/s.

Place your CTA form anywhere you want inside your website/blog as long as it surely fits your blog’s purpose and layout where you can easily capture people’s attention.

3. Regularly publish quality and free content

By creating quality but free and helpful content, you’re already setting up a lead magnet inside your blog. People like free stuffs and those that can give them valuable and helpful information, it might be knowledge or resources.

That being said, when it comes to generating leads from your blog, you need to prioritize every content you’ll going to make and how often will you write for your audience.

Create your content plan, set up your objectives or your conversion goals for every post you’ll write so that your visitors will do some specific actions like subscribing to your blog, setting appointments or purchasing your services or products.

Writing your blog posts is the heart of your blog. Without it, you can never win potential clients because it is the only way for you to communicate with them.

So continue producing fruitful and free stuffs in your blog so that you can engage more people and eventually, pull out the right one who will be your client and qualified lead.

4. Use sticky bar

Capture leads using a sticky bar in your blog. If you’ll see, there are so many blogs and websites out there that are using this kind of strategy to capture people’s attention, in a very polite way.

This sticky bar placed on the upper part of your blog will help you get the attention of readers or visitors and take a moment to read your call to action.

So to get started, use a service like Hello Bar or SumoMe and install the bar in your blog/site. Create an irresistible, relevant, simple and straightforward call to action and copy so visitors will swiftly know what’s your best shot that entices them.

5. Use pop ups

Presumably not an option that you would like but pop ups are not just for online marketers anymore. A lot of businesses are now using it and let’s face it, it’s freaking effective.

When done right, you can easily draw more attention to your call to action, as a result, people will focus themselves reading your offer even in just a second.

You can use free service for your pop-up forms like Bounce Exchange or Optin Monster and get it live by setting up your call to action.

6. Engage with your audience

Be sure you’re on the blog. Reply on comments, show up and follow-up your audience questions or concerns. If there’s a violent reactions or suggestions, then make a quick initiative to communicate with particular people around your community.

Make sure your blog represents the whole you and your business. Let them know and familiarize your identity, style, writing voice and uniqueness so you can get more people follow you and finally build your authority in your niche, online.

It will help you create authentic brand for yourself and build lasting relationships with people who are following your blog. Keep in mind, when they see goodness and benefits in your blog, your audience will start to spread the word for you and finally meet your goal; to generate prospects and leads from your blog.

And lastly, just enjoy writing content for your audience. If you are not enjoying it, chances are, you won’t be interested and keen on publishing content for them and end up not hitting your goal.

Be authentic and real, say what you can do to help them and say what you can’t. Let them know you genuinely and don’t forget to build relationships with them.

Wrap up

So that’s it.. The second part of our Lead Generation Series. As for my conclusion, creating a website and putting up a blog in it is pretty easy and vital. You just need to set up your own brand, specific topic and name and publish free and quality content regularly.

Use tools for your pop-up forms and opt in offers so you can get people sign up in your blog, drive them into your call to action so they can put in their emails or some important personal information.

Make your wholeness shine upon your blog. Become more genuine and authentic with your audience and just show them the solutions to their problems.

How about you? How do you get leads from your blog?

LGS #1: How To Create An Irresistible Website For Your Real Estate Business

how to create a website for real estate, rempowerblog, how to generate leads from website, licensed real estate agent, websites for real estate agents, real estate broker, lead generation for real estate broker, lead generation for websites

Websites are cool. They’re good for businesses, right?

We all know that.

So as a licensed real estate agent or even as a real estate broker, having an irresistible website for your Real Estate Business is probably one of the most important thing you should ever do for you to attract more potential clients, home buyers or sellers and referrers out there.

Your website will help you reduce your overall marketing expenses and finally get better ROI and can also help you quit from buying unnecessary leads that somehow produces unsatisfied results.

Likewise, by sending out traffic in it, every element inside your site will continuously do the work for you. Even when you’re sleeping, your well-thought and well-structured website is at work.

So for today, if you haven’t created a website for your Real Estate Business yet, whether or not, we will show you how to create one or improve your own existing site that will help you generate free leads online.

So here we go.

1. Find a Web Hosting

First and foremost, you need to find a fast and reliable web hosting that can be able to support your real estate website in a long run. There are many web hosting services out there that offer different features and benefits. But before you buy a hosting that will support your site, you must consider these things:

  • Fast page loads and security – your hosting should prioritize your site’s page load speed and security. Your visitors shouldn’t always encountering trouble and problem every time they access your site.
  • Award winning and reliable customer and technical support – setting up a website might be painful and too technical at first, make sure your preferred hosting has a great customer support which anytime, you can easily drop a call.
  • Reliable guidance and tutorials – also look for their support desk and tutorials, it might be videos or articles, your preferred hosting must give you helpful guidelines and online support.
  • Access to FTP and everything – when you started out a website, your hosting should support your access to your site’s files and not limited in control.
  • Web space/Disk Space/Bandwidth – having a large size of disk space inside your website isn’t necessary at first, but always make sure that you can upgrade your account anytime soon if ever you already need to increase your web space.
  • Price – of course, your web hosting should have a competitive features and stuffs but also has an affordable and fair pricing.

There’s so much thing you probably need to consider but you can already get started with DreamHost, web hosting services that I’m using (No affiliate traps here.)

You can also try GoDaddy if you want to build websites in an instant without pulling out large amount of money from your pocket. Or, BlueHost or HostGator, it’s all up to you to decide.

Upon or before purchasing, make sure you come up with a good domain name, don’t get fancy on this though, but make it simple and relevant to your brand and make sure it represents your whole business.

Catchy and one word name is better but if you can come up with the domain name with a keyword in it, like real estate or realtor, it’s better, to help improve your SEO.

Take note, some domain might be not available so don’t stop finding and carrying out name ideas for your real estate website until you get the right one.

2. Install your Website Builder

After picking up your own preferred web hosting and deciding on your domain name, time to gradually build up your website. Assuming that you already purchased one of the hosting we mentioned above and you’re now on its fancy dashboard.

First, we recommend you use WordPress for your real estate website because it is the most used and trusted website building platform today.

Now after you click install or whatever it is in your hosting, you’ll be swiftly redirected to your WordPress dashboard after signing up your username, password and a few of your personal information.

Start the mess now (Just Kidding!):

#1 Pick a mobile-responsive theme. Google had already updated their algorithm and they are now prioritizing those websites that are responsive in mobile devices. It can help you to boost up your website’s search rankings and user-friendliness.

#2 Create a landing page. A landing page is the first page where visitors and qualified leads will arrive on your website. It has a vital role in making the first impression about your webpage because it has your value proposition, a simple statement about yourself or your company, what you do and some social proof that can boost up your credibility and authority in Real Estate industry.

If you’re selling or buying homes and properties, having a catchy and understandable landing page is your greatest asset. Start with generating the right words for your copy that burns up your visitors’ desires and hits their emotional area.

Also, increase conversions by testing different variations of your website like putting a call-to-action button under your copy or putting a hero image beside it. It’s all up to your business goals.

#3 Put an Opt-in offer. Oh yes, my favorite. Having a featured box in your landing page or any prominent page inside your website will help you get a higher percentage of leads by putting up a simple sign up or subscription form with some free stuffs like free report or e-book as an exchange anywhere inside your real estate website.

If you’re new here in my blog (Rempower Blog), you’re surely seeing that big featured FREE 30 Day Course top up which I use to generate leads and subscribers.

It is perfect for those websites that promoting their blogs like mine, instead of their services, because the one thing that visitors will often do is to put in their emails and get something valuable from you.

#4 Design. Pick a layout that best represents you and your business. If you have an agency of realtors, have a meeting with your co-workers and decide which design best suits your company.

If you’re self-employed, figure out the layout you want that represents your brand. In just a blink of an eye, what impression you want your visitors to know? What mood do you want them to feel?

Use light colors and make sure every words from it are understandable and can easily seen.

#5 Create pages. Next step is to create the pages of your website. It starts with your About page which written your company or personal profile. Putting a simple image there would be great.

Next is your Contact page which written your contact information of course and all things your visitors may know to keep in touch with you.

Next is, the portfolio or service page which keeps your recent projects and client testimonials. You can put your services there, legalities (if necessary), your achievements, some social proof and the benefits people will get from you.

For example, if you’re selling and buying homes, tell people how you can help them decide and find the right home for them using a simple, straight-forward word. This would help them know more about you and eventually put their trust over you.

Add more pages as time goes by depending on your business needs. Test out new ideas if necessary.


Creating a website for your Real Estate Business is made easy..

As you see, creating a website is simple and easy and a very powerful tool to generate leads online and connect your brand to people.

To have an irresistible website for your real estate business, you need to find a fast and reliable web hosting and pick up a website builder platform you preferred.

Build your website with a responsive theme, well structured landing page, optin offer, design, prominent pages and so on.

Never stop testing what works in your website. The goal is to generate leads continuously so don’t do what not works and keep on experimenting what will give you a higher percentage of generating leads online using your real estate website.

So how about you? Do you already have your own website? How do you build it?

Success Principle #1: Just Show Up!


Have you ever feel that moment in your life where failures were really screwing you up?

That you thought, being in a successful spot, whether in career or business, is NOT really for you?

Are you still afraid to go beyond your limit and be on that success spot you actually deserve but you end up going to the wrong places instead?

Man, you’re not alone.

A lot of people are still hiding in their rooms, locking themselves up and pretending that they don’t simply exist. Not literally that kind of situation, but you get the point.

They are champions in their own stories, but they’re too distracted and not confident to accept it. They have that big idea that can change how everything moves. They are capable of doing things that can benefit other people. They’ve got something that no one can ever has.

But they’re afraid to show up. Sadly, they don’t know what they would get once they decide to express their minds to the world.

I hope while you’re reading this first success principle, you’ll know how to express what’s in your mind and don’t just think that you’re a loser. Because in the first place, there’s no such thing as a loser person. We are all champions and winners in our own way

Think Big

One thing that pulling us away from success is we always think of ourselves and our capabilities very small. Somehow, we don’t want to think beyond our boxes because we’re afraid on things that we might discover furthermore and as a result, we tend to stay in our comfort places instead of battling the field of reality.

And if you think that way, buddy. Time for a change

Just imagine the reward. Just imagine the better things that you’ll discover when you think bigger than what you are right now. Imagine the things you can do and the lessons you’ll learn. Imagine the things and changes you can make when you explore your mind and thought beyond your curiosity.

Believe in your Ideas

Just what I’ve said, you have an incredible idea that can help other people and can bring change. You know it yourself if you already discovered that thing or not, because the purpose of your life lies on the ideas that only YOU can carry out.

But the problem is, we don’t believe that much to our ideas or opinions because we think that our ideas are just plain simple, nothing special. That surely, it would not stand out among the crowd or it is just a typical crappy idea from an ordinary person.

Man, you’re a champion. You need to know that you’re winner. And every champions have victories. And every victories start from a great idea, and that idea will bring you to success.

Don’t mind what other people might say. It’s your life. Move according to your will, believe in your ideas and just take actions whatever it takes.

Believe In your Self

It is just the same when you believe with your own ideas, you also need to believe in yourself. Because having faith with your ideas is useless if you don’t have faith with yourself.

You need to keep it balance. Boost your self-confidence by saying uplifting things about yourself every morning (Make it a part of your daily routine) and always say your goals out loud. Trust me. It’s amazingly effective.

It always helps especially if you have a long journey, when you feel like burning out, believing in yourself is the key to keep your boat sailing and to stay in your track.

Now, Take the Step

It’s your turn, start taking the steps little by little toward success. Every small steps matter so don’t mind hitting the blocks.

Sure enough, you’ll learn more as you go so enjoy.

Just step up through your way up to success and don’t be afraid about the things you’ll see ahead. As long as you know from yourself that you’re on the right track, just keep on going.

How about you? Do you have something to share?

Introduction To Lead Generation: A Handy Guide For Real Estate Agents

lead generation for real estate, real estate lead generation guide, lead generation for real estate agents

Doesn’t matter if you’re already an expert realtor, beginning agent, consultant, financial adviser, business owner or entrepreneur who runs a small business, we all know that getting potential clients, online or offline, means you’re almost always going to make more closed deals and sales for your company or agency.

Sure enough, you’ve already heard the concept of Lead Generation before as it becomes an essential part of any marketing strategy today and drastically changing the way we market our businesses.

It’s helping every businesses to become more profitable by attracting potential customers and clients from the market by using different ways of capturing the attention of people and easily build relationships with them.

In real estate industry and as a licensed real estate agent, having enough knowledge about lead generation is like putting yourself on edge of continuous cash flow and greater advantage.

(Note: This post is the introduction of our Ultimate Lead Generation Series and probably the first part. Make sure you subscribe and follow this series for more continuous and advanced resources and guides.)

Wait.. What the heck is Lead Generation?

Whenever you go to an event, seminar or conference and you’ve got to meet new people there and get their information briefly, you’re already generating leads.

Whenever there is a new sign up for your newsletter or subscription form inside your blog or website, you’re already generating leads for your business and you’re probably on the right track of getting potential people.

Lead Generation is a process by which a company finds prospective customers for its product offering or prospective clients for a certain kind of service. According to Marketo, it describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing the interest of people in a product or service for developing sales pipeline.

Generating qualified leads for you real estate business is probably the first step of making closed deals and achieving more sales. It has a vital role to automate the process of having a continuous stream of profits using referrals and promotions.

So, why it is so valuable for your Real Estate Business?

Here’s the not-so-hard truth: People’s buying process has changed. Due to unstoppable rising of technology, information scarcity, noisy web and the powerful advantage of the internet, the way they look around and find for a product or service for their needs is changing compared to magazines and newspaper listings.

Buyers can do their own research online and they can find a variety of educational resources through search engines, social media, and other online channels.

They can easily access everything themselves and if you’re not taking an action to improve your marketing strategy through lead generation, you might be out of stream. That’s harsh, I know.

You need to find new ways to reach home and property buyers and get heard through the noise of thousand realtors out there. It is undoubtedly essential to know at least the basics of Lead Generation for your real estate career so you can maximize the resources that you have right now.

Other reasons are:

  • It is an advantage to maximize your online advertisements so you can get better ROI through your ad campaigns and other inbound marketing channels that you have.
  • It will help you meet new influencers and eventually ask them for ethical exposure.
  • It will help you extend your brand to more people through social media and network yourself through forums and communities where you can build authority.
  • Lastly and of course, it will help you make more money for your business when you smoothly converted all your quality leads to paying customers.

Through this guide, we will show you how you can promote your brand to a massive count of people that build your business and exceptionally succeed in real estate industry.

Teach me how to Generate Leads

Let’s dig deeper – don’t worry, you won’t get dirty here. I swear.

So there are 2 ways to generate leads, whether online or offline – and we will tackle it briefly. These are:

1. Advertisements

When you use ads to your real estate business, promoting yourself or your agency, one of the ways on generating leads for your business is through paid or free advertisements.

We will talk much of it later, but for the sneak peek, increasing your digital presence using free or paid advertisement helps you to market your business to a wide size of audience generally.

Your prospective client will see your brand randomly while they’re browsing the internet and a great chance for you to easily get them especially if you will take your edge using these ways on getting qualified leads that are listed below.


The most basic way of getting started on generating leads online is to create your own website. We’re somehow certain that 80% of you have already established a website and already getting fair count of traffic.

The good thing about creating a website is it helps your prospect know what you are offering or what your product is in just a click away using a portfolio or service page, without any tangible materials needed.

Creating a website opens up a floodgate to more opportunities where you can promote everything you’ve got.

In making real estate leads, it is important to have a well-structured website that covers your overall service information, benefits and features so that you can get more potential clients calling you ahead of time.


Ah, blogs! A timeless tool for reaching and making sale online.

If you haven’t created a blog for your real estate business just yet, it’s never too late. Building relationships with people is inevitably important and communicating with them through publishing valuable content inside your website helps you to pull out qualified leads.

By using WordPress or any other kind of publishing platforms, you can easily get leads from your blog through sign up forms, call to action elements and/or landing pages.

Social Media

Social media marketing is an effective way of promoting your real estate business to a wide size of people who are already following you and to those people who will be. Since the tech and social networking sites are rapidly growing and millions of people are now tapping into their mobile devices, it’s a great advantage to dominate your preferred platforms and get people’s attention.

Paid Advertising

In generating leads online, you couldn’t missed out using paid advertising like search engine marketing, basic listings, pay-per-click and other marketing strategies that will help you get more of the right kind buyers. Later on, we will discuss a more comprehensive guide of using paid and free advertising for your business using Craigslist, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords and so on.

Forums and Community

When you go around and hangout with people who share the same interest just as you, dropping by in forum sites is another way of networking yourself to people.

Forums will help you learn more from your field and industry as you keep in touch with other realtors and influencers in Real Estate.

Leaving comments and opinions in community also gives you a way to communicate with other people as well as people who may want your help in finding and deciding about home buying.

Later on, we will walk through the other ways to generate leads online for your real estate business, but for now let’s continue walking and know the basic part of lead generation before we go deeper.

2. Targeted

Aside of using advertisements, the other way to generate leads is through targeted marketing strategy.

It involves using a more specific list of people who you want to become your prospect in you real estate or buying homes. Examples are going to an sponsored event or important places to introduce yourself to a specific person or influencers you want to purposefully meet.

You already know the prospect, her interests, profession, income and other brief information about her and you already know how to turn the table and close the deal.

It’s all up to you..

As we go along in this free guide, though we’re just warming up, you’ll learn more the easy and simple ways of generating leads online.

But keep in mind that it’s all up to you and how you do your business. We won’t assure that these ways we’re going to teach you will take effect in your business exactly as we are, because you can’t really apply these ways all at once. But focusing yourself on 2 or 3 ways on generating leads and as time goes by, you can already get started.

We will write in this real estate leads generation guide for beginners up to professionals, pick up what benefits you as we will share everything we’ve got just for you to succeed in getting the right kind of clients for your real estate business.

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Your privacy is protected.


Social Media Mistakes That Hurting Your Real Estate Business (Part 1)

social media mistakes in real estate, real estate social media mistakes, social media marketing, social media marketing real estate

So you use social media to promote your real estate business and then eventually, get more leads from it?

Of course you do, right?

But we can’t surely ignore that sometimes we’re doing it wrong. Ok, that’s the harsh truth.

Somehow and someway, we’re hitting some of the common mistakes that killing our marketing plan and our brand along the way, whenever we opt to promote our stuffs to different social media platforms we are using.

So what are these mistakes and how to screw them up?

That’s enough, let’s get to the juice.

Over-promoting your business

When you observe how real estate agents or licensed realtors use social media to promote their businesses, you’ll find out that some of them are relentlessly posting about their business stuffs, most of the time.

Let’s face it – it’s kinda annoying.

People don’t like to see so much promotions in their feeds especially if you’re just competing with other sponsored ads.

As a result, your impressions and response rate will drastically drop down which leads to a smaller size of audience and limited organic reach. That’s because your audience will start to ignore your thing, little by little, until you only get a fewer people in your tribe.

Having that said, people want useful information on their social media streams so promoting your business once or twice a day is enough, not every hour.

Show them that you’re a human too – and not a spammy robot (Strike 2: That’s a bit harsh, I know). Post or share something useful and if necessary, don’t hesitate to ask their opinions and be genuine enough to build relationships with them that leads to increasing engagement and credibility.

Begging people for likes or follows

Sometimes, number justifies your influence. The more people following you, whether influencers or not, the more authority you’ll look like.

Having a great number of followers and likes in all social media accounts is a great advantage because people will see that you have already established your brand and authority in Real Estate Business.

However, begging for likes or paying bucks to get more followers isn’t a great idea and it really doesn’t bring you any better.

Begging for likes and follows is like you’re desperate to get attention from people and it will only reduce your professionalism and self-worth. As a result, people will be uncertain about you and you’ll be uncertain about yourself.

So just be contented with your followers. It’s better to have a small count of followers than to have a massive count of people who are not really worthy to be a part of your circle.

Let people follow you and be courageous enough to influence others in your own way so that you can attract valuable people.

Flooding profiles with crappy and unrelated posts

Ah, social networking sites. Of course.

You can share whatever the hell you want. From viral stuffs and videos, funny memes, cute and adorable kittens on YouTube, your views and opinions, politics and stuffs and so on and so forth.

Almost everything, right?

But however, there’s still a lot of people who post offensive, below-the-belt and unrelated stuffs on their timelines. Sometimes, they brag and argue about a particular thing that has nothing to do with their businesses (Strike 3: That’s a bit harsh.. Again).

That said, you must reduce posting crappy and irrelevant posts and avoid unnecessary images, videos or texts in your posts especially if you want to get more engagement.

If you want to grow your culture and expand your audience in social media that can give you a ton of followers and potential clients for your real estate business or any kind of business you’re doing, you need to make sure that what you share can benefit the people and not just because you like posting it.

To be honest, I don’t really like those posts that can waste my time. I’m sorry. But rather, I’m into posts that can give me value and quality information relevant to Real Estate or running up a business etc.

So let your profile shine and get more engagements by posting helpful and relevant posts to your social media accounts and feeds. Funny stuffs are good, but always make sure that you’re posting anything on the right time and on the right mood.

Not using visual presentations

80% of people in social media sites likes visual presentations – I like it too. It gives color to your posts, really.

In fact, some people are more likely to click on a link that has an image or video or even an infographic in it compare to a single text post.

Whoa there! But I’m not against a text post, it’s still effective especially if your words are powerful enough to get people’s attention and engagement like celebrities or preachers or influencers.

But the great advantage of using a graphic or visual presentations is it helps you to get a higher click-through rate directly to your sales pages, web copy or any content you’re promoting.

If you’re marketing your website, you’ll highly likely to get a ton of eyeballs dropping off in your site if you will broadcast your posts using a catchy image or thumbnails. You can also get more people to like and share your social media post if you have a video or high quality images as featured graphics like image quotes, random photographs etc.

Not making and sharing original and fresh content

Do you share content that aren’t yours?

No problem, no worries.

As long as it’s helpful to your audience and relevant to your business, go ahead, continue sharing.

However, as time goes by, you must accept that you need to step up and produce more unique and original content made by yourself so that you’re not directing your followers away from your brand.

Let them recognize you through your style and identity and let them know the whole you. It is synonymous of being transparent when it comes to any kind of business.

So for that, try writing new articles for your blog regularly and share it more often through your social media accounts, make your own channel for podcasts or interviews you’re doing, and slowly develop your own remarkable style and identity that people will surely love.

Posting false and superlatives information/testimonies

Of course, having testimonies from a lot of people, especially those positive feedbacks, can help you leverage your business and get qualified leads easily.

But somehow, we tend to abuse it. We can post social proofs that are not really happened to and said by that certain person or client. We can claim something that haven’t done yet so that we can attract potential people more easier.

Sounds easy right?

How about the consequences? There you go. It doesn’t really affect your future clients that much because they won’t notice if your social proof really is fake or not, but it can affect your company and yourself.

When you post superlatives and false testimonies and information about your company, that only means you don’t believe in your business that much, you don’t believe in your self-worth and you don’t have enough confidence to win people’s words.

If you’re just starting up in real estate business and doesn’t have any testimonials yet, you can get one by doing free service to your client or just simply deliver your presentations very well.

Not engaging with audience

Are you responding regularly when someone drops off a comment in your post or profile? Do you even responding to people who are messaging you and saying their praise?

Keep in mind that in a simple response and engagement to your audience, creates an authentic relationship between you and to the people who are already following you. They’ll see you as a friendly and approachable person.

As a result, your brand will leave a mark to their heads and can help you with word of mouth promotion. That’s a win-win situation indeed because you’re most likely to extend your network to them and attract those qualified leads on their circles.

So that’s it! That’s the part 1 of our social media mistakes that hurting your real estate business. I’ll be posting the part 2 in just a moment.

Do you have something to add on this list?

How To Set Up Your Goal And Change The Amount Of Deals You Want


Are you satisfied with the amount from the deals you’re getting from your real estate business? Do you want to change it, level up your career and start making the amount of deals you really want and you undoubtedly deserve?

Since then, the largest question I’m always asking to myself is how can I gradually change the amount I’m earning in my businesses, meet my tangible goals and get what I truly deserve to have.

But it occurred to me that in order to make that happen, we should not only ask “how can I make it happen” but rather, “how badly do I really want it”.

If you’ll see, there’s a difference.

If you’ll just decide to make that happen, there’s a chance that you can’t carry out the results you’re expecting because you don’t have a strong “why”. But asking yourself, how badly do you want it to happen, you’re determined. You’re committed to make that happen whatever it takes. You have the inner drive that pushes you to your limit. When you have a strong “why”, you’re not staying in your comfort zone anymore but now in the state of your courage zone.

So in order to level up your income and achieve more, beyond your current state, you need to make a plan and be committed to do it badly enough to have a very rewarding outcome.

How to do it? How to burn your desire to make things happen?

It’s easy as 123.
1. Create a Vision Book. First, I put together the images of what I wanted exactly and put it next to my bed. Doing so will warm up your mind and soul whenever you wake up each morning.
It helps you to see the clear picture of your goal so that you can condition yourself throughout the day that leads to a better and productive work and actions. It raises up your momentum which can help you get important things done.
2. Create positive affirmations. We all do affirmations unknowingly even when we say we do not do them. Every time you say “Oh it will never work!” That is already an affirmation.
We are the only one who is responsible which messages to send to our subconscious mind. To keep up your willpower throughout the day and keep your goals in your mind, you should be careful about the messages you’re sending to your mind because it can affect how you carry out your actions.
Always manage you thoughts. Don’t let negativities surpass your ability to do things for good and do make a positive affirmations so that you can do things even if you don’t feel like doing it for a moment. It helps your mind to properly set up.
Every night I go through all the images of what I want on my vision book and it makes me so looking forward to doing everything I can to get there.  I then have created the affirmations such as “You can do anything you want to do” and “You are more powerful than you know, just make it happen.”
When things during the day do not go my way, I just remember my vision and use my affirmations.
How about you? How do your set your specific goals and make that happen? and what do you do to keep yourself going through the ups and downs of this business?

The One Thing I Do Everytime I Meet And Hire Someone


Today, I have a meeting with someone in a one of kind restaurant somewhere in our place. From there, I’ve met this waiter who is absolutely not only the friendliest but one of the most attentive waiter I’ve met so far.

He was always coming to our table for a minimum of 5 times every single time just to make sure if we were ok. I seriously do not believe I have ever had a waiter come to my table that many times. Seriously, no kidding.

He was so attentive and skillful and he has a very keen eye to customer’s needs and wants and he has also a very smooth service delivery. He’s awesome, indeed. He’s better in the real estate business, right? Agree?

Furthermore, when I got paid the bill with my check, I finally asked him if he was looking for a work, presumably in Real Estate.  Surprisingly, he said he was (though I didn’t tell him yet that he should already quit his job. Maybe he can do that on the other day, because their office was probably closed now.) and of course, I got his information which what really matters.

I would definitely give him a call and I’m  looking forward to see him being amazing in showing homes and being attentive to client needs because he’s very good on it.

No matter where I am, what I do on a particular event or place or whom I met for, I’m always cresting relationships and trying to figure out myself if this person I met could ever become an employee or not based on his skills, talents and attitude.

Eventually I am always looking for talent.

If you ever want to hire a very good person for your team, project or business, why go and look in classifieds when you have the real person in front of you?

Sometimes, the real people who can give success in your business are already there but you can rarely see them because they don’t know perhaps, if how they can contribute to your project. So you don’t need to qualify everyone, you need to tell people what you want and what you need to carry out fruitful results in your project.

For example, if you need someone who’s able to become an appointment setter in your real estate business, you only have to do is to know where he or she is good at, and ask how they can use her/his shill sets to carry out results that you’re looking for.

You don’t need to get fancy when picking the right employee or worker and have a long interview. In my opinion, looking for a person’s talent is enough to carry out small tasks for your project.

So yes,  that one thing I always do every time I meet and hire someone is I am always on the search for talent. How about you?

This Is How I Choose And Win Clients

When we first start in real estate agent business, we will literally serve and take anyone to make a deal with us as long as they are living and breathing and are saying that they’re interested to buy a house or property. Sometimes, we don’t think twice and hesitate to pick the right kind of clients or customers and we don’t take time to assess what they really need and what they’re looking for.

Then along the way, you’ll figure out that people sometimes lie and they do not really want to buy anything from us. They just want to take a look at homes and properties we’re selling and get something stuffs that might be useful to them. Worse of all, they want to look at homes that are WAY out of their price range. Ouch.

Eventually, you might probably think: Will I ever be able to sell a home?  Will I ever be able to make money in this business?

So one day, I somehow got a client, I listened to what I said, we moved forward and settled and I got PAID! It was like a dream coming true at that moment and I finally felt as though I could do something in my life.

I then went on to do so many more deals and I figured out what the common thread was that made the good clients different from the bad clients.  The ones I wanted referrals from and the ones I didn’t.  The ones that I felt I was losing my life and the ones I felt like I was having the best time in my life.

The secret was that the great clients were the ones who are nice.

That’s right! They were so nice.
So you may ask what does that mean?
When they’re nice with you, that only means they knew, liked and trusted you.
I had created relationships with them apart from the transaction and thus we had a really great time looking through and making decisions about which home to buy.
It was an AMAZING time!
Here’s how I did it.
1.  Always build authentic relationships with your clients by talking to them about their life, interests, passion, hobbies and the similarities between their life and our own. Centralize all things to their life and appreciate every little things they’ve got and accomplished.
2. Share vulnerable stories about yourself that you honestly wouldn’t share with the world. Because it helps them to feel comfortable working with you.
3.  Care about them every single time and help them solve every conflicts they have when deciding and buying properties to you. Be there when they need you and always keep in touch with them.
So next time you have a prospective client – give out everything about yourself and I am sure they will give anything they want to you.