10 Helpful Tips To Boost Up Your Productivity


Productivity isn’t a buzzy trait that we should all have in our daily lifestyle. It’s an essential part of our growth and the cornerstone of our success.

We have different projects and tasks need to finish and we know that boosting up our productivity is the only way to help us carry out fruitful results for our projects.

On the other hand, starting out your day with productivity and embarking your important tasks ahead isn’t a piece of cake right?

You need to lit up the fire and keep it burning so you can make progress that drives to significant outcome – so how you can get on board and eventually, take off your tasks?

In this post, I’ll show you the 10 quick tips to jumpstart your productivity that can kick off your project and get your important things done, smoothly.

1. Know Your Priorities

Being busy doesn’t mean you’re really that most productive. There’s a difference between doing everything from your list than prioritizing the important things and taking significant actions to it, little by little.

It’s nice to have a clean workplace or email inbox, but the question is, are you doing the important thing that really matters to your project?

If you keep doing things that are NOT related to finishing your project or completing your paper works, you’re probably on the wrong track.

That being said, you need to list down your top priorities that you really want to do like finding new clients, writing an in-depth article or dealing with high-profile clients and eventually, plan your way up there.

2. Chunk down big tasks into smaller pieces

Doing big tasks might be painful and might cost too much of your time and effort doing all things at once.

Breaking down your project into smaller tasks will help you carry out stuffs little by little. It can help you arise your momentum by starting small activities to keep your work moving until you finally put your task on its conclusion.

3. Make an action-based plan

When you’re aiming for a long-term goal or doing some big tasks, make sure you are mapping out every step of the way using an action-based plan to keep your projects on track.

Begin by making a series and immediately follow it by significant actions. Write down your goal for this month, maybe you want to finish optimizing your website or finish a super long paper works, and then support that goal with a weekly planning.

After making a plan for this week, back it up with daily tasks immediately so you can work easily knowing that your daily actions are in line with your goals for the month.

4. Time blocking

The perfect way to make sure that you spend your time in an efficient way is to block it.

Time blocking helps you focus your time and effort on that important task you really want to fulfill. It helps you plan your day and concentrate on that important task without distractions and interruptions.

Using your priority list (see #1 and #3), plan when do you want to execute those tasks on your most productive time and swiftly block that specific time to make sure that you’re doing your priority task, whatever it takes.

5. Take regular breaks

Taking a break, surprisingly, is one of the best factors to increase your productivity and keep you more healthier which can lower mental fatigue and tiredness caused by doing so much work.

Therefore, you also need to block a few minutes to keep your body and mind at rest. Set a timer to remind you when is the time to break and when to continue the work.

Get off from staring at your computer for hours and do some stretching. Doing so will help to increase your mental alertness and become more productive and creative and you can also make better decisions once you get back to your work.

6. Avoid distractions

Social media, email, smart phones, watching adorable kittens on YouTube – you name it. There are all distractions right? And it can obviously drain your productivity and you’ll find it hard to keep your focus when you can’t handle interruptions.

So when you decide to get your project done within a day and you already blocked your time for it, make sure that all your browser tabs are close and keep your workplace peaceful. No social media. No email.

7. Don’t multitask

If you thought that doing all tasks at once will save you more time and effort and eventually, make you more productive. Man, you’re wrong.

Your brain has limited capacity to adapt different information and action all at once compare with the stream of computer. If you tend to overuse your brain power, it will overload – keeping your focus and attention away from your task.

8. Maximize your time and resources

Use productivity tools and resources that can help you boost up your productivity, such as sticky notes, calendar synchronization or task manager apps.

When you have nothing to do for a while, spend your extra time doing some meaningful thing like reading books when you’re waiting in some places or checking your email accounts while commuting.

9. Prepare for unexpected events

There are plenty of occurrences that can possibly happen while you’re doing your important task. And unfortunately, you can’t escape it.

Emergency events happen and sure enough, you also have personal commitments to some other things. So there are tendencies that you’ll carry out incomplete tasks. It rarely happens, perhaps, but that’s pretty normal.

So you need to make sure you plan out everything, even in unexpected events. Plan every scenario that can possibly happen and always make a back-up plan, even you only set it in your mind.

10. Develop a habit

Last but not the least, you need to develop a habit. Habit is a powerful source of your productivity and it can help you do things continuously because you are simply committed to do so.

For example, you want to write a blog post every day for your blog, as a commitment that you’ll write an article every day, you need to develop a habit, most for 30 days.

That habit is to write a non-stop article every day for a month. As a result, it helps you to force yourself to do the right thing on your productive time and get things done.

So there you have our 10 quick tips that can help you skyrocket your productivity and maximize your time by doing important things that matter. Keep in mind that productivity is a key to keep your  work or project growing and help you deliver useful results.

How about you? What are your ways to keep your things finish?


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